I massage.

injury treatment

Injured? My specialty! My massage is purposeful, technical, specific & effective. In addition to excellent hands-on work, I help you understand what's going on in your body.

I evaluate.

strength & biomechanics

A concerning injury can be a path to becoming stronger & more balanced, resulting in a healthier body that performs better. My skilled eye sees subtleties in movement & posture. My teaching allows easy translation in your body.

I educate.

running form

Beginner or elite, sprinter or endurance runner, barefoot or shod, injured or at peak performance, I help runners feel better, become stronger, faster & more efficient by providing tailored technique instruction.

get results.

With multiple areas of expertise, I help you get to the root of it. Since most of us are motivated by our injuries, they present an excellent opportunity to pause & evaluate our movement, become stronger & more balanced, developing healthier, optimally performing bodies.


have you found yourself believing your body isn’t made for the movement you love?

Continually getting INJURED? DISCOURAGED with your body? Been told something’s WRONG with you?

I know how easy it is to get caught up in hopelessness or confusion when you’re in pain & don’t fully understand why. Many of us have come to accept our pain or injury as a limitation rather than the symptom of a larger picture that it most often is. What's 'wrong' is most often our biggest opportunity for improvement, helping us address our weaknesses as we become stronger than previously imagined.

Regain a sense of possibility. Healing & becoming stronger is simple!


I’m leah kangas.

A passionate massage therapist & movement educator specializing in solving problems related to running, I understand the movement you love because I love it too! I’ve spent my life immersed in endurance sports as observer, as athlete, as coach, as massage therapist & as lead support for some crazy amazing endurance performances.

I know quality movement & how it’s achieved. I know what commonly stresses our bodies unfairly & how to help you find pleasure & success in YOUR movement.

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